Frequently Asked Questions

While we do try to address as much questions and issues as we can, there are always more. Below are some frequently seen questions that we have encountered in the past.

What is bad credit?

In a few words, bad credit is a bad financial reputation, which comes as a result of our financial struggles of the past. Perhaps you took up a loan or a mobile phone contract but failed to meet your obligations towards it. What is to be the consequence? One of the various repercussions of this act is that the credit rating agencies will endow you with a rating that would depict to all the relevant parties as a high risk individual.

So what if I have bad credit? I am trustworthy.

The whole reason behind the existence of credit ratings is to serve as an indication of your creditworthiness to the relevant individuals. Considering how these ratings are determined, it is no surprise why different providers and lenders are becoming increasingly interested in ensuring that a certain minimum credit rating requirement must be met. Therefore, regardless of what you have to say and how many promises you can make, if you have bad credit, it’s your word against your own financial history and there is little surprise to what the providers are going to give importance to.

Does having bad credit mean I cannot get access to regular contracts?

Due to the nature of mobile phone contracts, the providers are becoming increasingly concerned about who to allow contracts to. To ensure that risks of defaulting and late payments are minimized, they run exhaustive background checks, which discern those with bad credit from those with good or satisfactory credit ratings. If you have bad credit, it is highly unlikely any such provider would prefer doing business with you. Therefore, yes either you will face straight rejections or if not, you will be stuck with sky-rocketing interest rates who will only make your situation worse. Understandably, you will have to consider alternatives like the contracts we have for you. This is what has led to the emergence of websites like ours and others, such as Instant Phone and Into Mobile Phones.

What do I do if I have faced rejection in regular mobile phone contract applications?

Having bad credit and rejections on your mobile phone contract applications come hand in hand. However, at 3D Recovery, it does not have to be this way. Our mobile phone contracts are designed especially for you, coming to you regardless of what credit rating you carry. This may seem a little unorthodox at first but this is exactly why you are at the right place. With bad credit, most providers will turn you away, but here you are embraced with open hands, while also being provided with ample options to choose your contract from.

Are these contracts really for me?

Whether or not these contracts are for you is a simple question. If you can outright buy a mobile phone, there would be no need for a contract. However, this is rarely ever a first choice. Therefore, if it is really a contract you need but do not have a satisfactory credit rating to make it happen, it is safe to say you are in the right place and these contracts really are for you. provides a more detailed on how to determine whether or not you should apply for bad credit mobile phones.

How much do I pay?

In order to ensure that all pocket-sizes are met, we do not charge a flat rate for our contracts. The cost you pay for your contract depends on a few factors, which include the handset you select, how heavy you want your plan to be, and the repayment period.

Are these not supposed to be bad for my credit ratings?

Certainly not. If anything, these contracts can act as your stepping stone to improved credit ratings, as they allow you a chance to show your creditworthiness when others turn you away. Be punctual with the installments and you will see your credit ratings move up.

What is the procedure of getting a bad credit mobile phone contract with 3D Recovery?

All you have to do is go through our website and acquaint yourself with all that you need to know. If you have any additional questions, write to us or just simply call us. However, once you are satisfied and positive about getting a contract with us, all you have to do is fill in our simple online application and let us get back to you. On your chair, in your home, exactly when you want to do it. It’s that easy.