How It All Works

Coming in unprepared in a market full of different types of mobile phone contracts, with their technical information and other requirements, it is both easy and common for you to get confused and end up with a contract that eventually turns out to be less than favorable.

At 3D Recovery, we pave your way to the best, more cost-efficient contracts that are not just financially favorable, but also in accordance with your credit rating. Regardless of what credit rating you have to show for yourself, at 3D Recovery, we will make sure to have something for you. You no longer have to worry about being rejected because perhaps your credit rating was not sufficient. The contracts we bring to you are nearly guaranteed, since they take into account the information you provide us with.

Since this can come in really handy, people are usually under the impression that these contracts are convoluted and thus, not handy. This is far from the truth. The process start with you submitting in our online application. Next, we approach you with all the different deals. Although you do not get a contract directly through us, our contacts with the leading mobile phone contract providers help push your case through and thus, the time between you choosing a contract and approval is absolute minimum. No complicated details, no exhaustive processes. You get easily-understood, easily-approved loans that you deserve. This is how it all works.