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Welcome to 3D Recovery

your one-stop destination to leaving the troubles of bad credit behind. Here, you treat yourself with a wide range of different mobile phone contracts that you can find, all with no credit rating requirement. You heard it right, regardless of how bad you have done in the past, it does not have to be a problem.

Whether it was sheer bad luck or you were just negligent in your dealings, bad credit can be a real pain when it comes to getting mobile phone contracts. Rejection after rejection can pile up real pressure, causing you to give up. However, at 3D Recovery, we take a rather different route, one that does have such a gloomy route. Here, irrespective of your credit rating, everybody stands equal and can choose from a plethora of different mobile phone contracts, which can be both, according to your pocket-size and preferences. So, let’s get started.

Having bad credit

In today’s dynamic financial industry, there is no lack of people with bad credit. The ease by which certain institutions allow different debts has caused an inevitable consequence of people taking up more debt than their capacity to service. Overburdened by the obligations, the upshot is none other than either late payments or default. Either way, your credit ratings take a major hit, causing you to be a high-risk individual that regular providers prefer keeping their safe distance from. Therefore, we at 3D Recovery are dedicated to providing an antidote for this disease that is bad credit. Our bad credit mobile phone contracts do not just provide you with a very essential part of our daily lives in terms of your mobile phone, but also a chance to prove that you are in fact a creditworthy individual. Without a contract or a loan, there is little that could be done except for waiting. With our contracts, you have a chance and we ensure that we walk with our customers to see that it is well capitalized.

How our contracts differ

When you apply for a regular mobile phone contract, it is part of the normal protocol to run a credit check on you to assess your creditworthiness. Considering they let you walk out with a phone of your choice, without having to pay its cost, it is understandable why they prefer to do so. However, if you have bad credit, it sets you apart from the rest of the candidates and not in a good way. Therefore, when your provider sees that you have struggled in the past with credit-related matters, there is an inevitable sense of reluctance that translates into rejections after rejections.

Our contracts take a rather different route, taking the whole credit rating requirement out of the equation. That is right, like what you may find at,we have contracts that do not consider how well you have done in the past. Rather, we are more interested in what lies ahead, making our loans available to you and walking with you throughout the term of the contract to ensure that there is smooth sailing.

Are you at the right place?

The target market for our bad credit mobile phone contracts are quite obviously, those who are in need for a mobile phone contract but their hands are tied due to their bad credit. Therefore, if this sounds like you, you are certainly in at right place. However, if you are still confused as to whether or not to get a contract with us, all you have to do is ask yourself whether or not you can do without a mobile phone. If you can’t, which would be the most likely answer, ask yourself whether or not you can outright buy a mobile phone. Some may be able to do so, while others may not. If you fall in the latter category, it is safe to say that it is these contracts you need.

We are considerate

At 3D Recovery, we are dedicated to understanding all your problems. We consider real life issues and act more as a person than a firm. We are dedicated to building relationships, not contact. Following this mission statement of ours, we are keen to understanding different problems that people can encounter in real life that may hamper their plans of meeting payments. Therefore, if there is anything that prevents you from making your monthly payments, all you have to do is let us know and be honest about it. This gives us an opportunity to find a solution that is mutually beneficial.

Why 3D Recovery?

Thanks to the emergence of the likes of MegaMobilePhones and The Mobile Phone Specialist, there is no lack of places where you can get apparently similar contracts. This leads us to the point where we tell you why we are the right choice for you.